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Would you like to sell your Scottsdale business? If so, I would highly recommend you use a Scottsdale Business Broker, that being me, because I know the area well and have sold many businesses in Scottsdale. Attempting to sell a business by yourself can be extremely risky. There are numerous legal issues to be managed when you sell your Scottsdale business, and if any of them are neglected, it can prove much more costly than the fee of hiring a Business Broker to begin with.

Discreetly marketing a business requires a great deal of expertise. That’s why when I advertise your business, your company’s name and address will not be disclosed until I’m certain I’m dealing with a serious buyer and then I require them to sign a confidentiality agreement before disclosing more information.

Find out how we can help sell your Scottsdale waterfront business!We specialize in helping Scottsdale residents sell their businesses!We provide expert services throughout Scottsdale, Arizona!Do you have a business on Main Street you are looking to sell?The Waterfront District of Downtown Scottsdale

Not only do I advertise locally, but all over the world. Over 50% of my business purchasers are from other states and many are from other countries. Buyers from other countries can obtain an E2 Visa by purchasing a business in the United States.

Another reason to hire me is I am a member and the Past Ethics Chairman of the Arizona Business Brokers Association and I am willing to co-broke with my fellow members. Some Scottsdale Business Brokers refuse to co-broke because they don’t want to share their commission. I believe my first duty is to my client and not to getting a bigger commission check. I am committed to selling my client’s business first and foremost.

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Proper Valuation of Your Scottsdale Business by Phil Reese

I personally see the economy improving and the business sales market getting stronger. I have numerous clients interested in purchasing a profitable business and Scottsdale is a very desirable location. The most profitable time to sell your Scottsdale business is when revenue and profits are up. Unfortunately, most business owners wait till their revenue and profits start going down before they call me. By then, it’s usually too late to sell.

Just so you know, I have over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing. In addition, I am one of only six Business Brokers in Arizona holding the Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation. The largest Business Broker trade group in the world, the International Business Brokers Association, grants the Certified Business Intermediary designation to Business Brokers who successfully complete the required education and then pass the mandatory testing proving they are proficient in facilitating the sale of businesses. The CBI designation assures you that a Business Broker is highly educated, up to date, and experienced in the process of selling businesses.

If you would like to discuss the selling process and would like to see if you qualify for a FREE No-Obligation Valuation of your Scottsdale business, contact me at 480-707-7721 or [email protected].


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