Are you looking to sell your business in Chandler? Selling your business is a big choice to make, and should be done with utmost certainty. A business sale should be done with a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation, like me. You should never sell a business alone, since it’s very risky. The numerous legal concerns need good management when selling your business, and if any of them are neglected, the fees may cost more than it would have taken to hire a business broker. Selling your business with a business broker saves you money, and makes the sale easier and faster.

I’m Phil Reese, Arizona Business Broker. I have represented business owners around Arizona in selling their businesses. I am a member of the International Business Brokers Association, Past Ethics Chairman of the AZ Business Brokers Association, and one of only a few business brokers in Arizona to be designated as a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI).

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Professional and Courteous!

“Phil met with me and talked with me about my business. Within months, he had it sold. He was kind the whole time, and helped me through the whole process!” – Don G.

Very Experienced, Highly Recommended!

“Phil Reese was always professional, and never sounded like he doubted anything. He answered all my questions, and sold my business way faster than I thought it could.” – Kathleen P.

What is a Certified Business Intermediary?

A Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation is given by the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) to Business Brokers who successfully complete multiple classes and tests to prove that they are competent in sales of businesses. It takes a lot of time and effort to attain the CBI designation. I had to travel around the country to attend conferences, and spend several days in mentally taxing classes on how to assist business owners in the transfer and marketing of their companies. I had to take 60 hours of classes, with a test at the end of each class to qualify for the three-hour final exam. Now, I am one of only a few Certified Business Intermediaries in Arizona.

Consultant For Selling Business In Chandler

As a CBI, I’m the way to go when it comes to selling your business. I’ve helped sell over 50 businesses in Arizona, including Chandler. As a licensed real estate broker and a designated CBI, I am an expert in business sale consultations and pricings. I’m also a former business owner, so I understand what it’s like to sell your business. People sell their companies for various reasons, whether it be for family, financial reasons, or because a better opportunity has come up. Whatever the reason may be for your business sale, rest assured that I can help you with a free, professional consultation.

I am affiliated with West USA Realty, the largest business broker group in the state of Arizona. This gives your business the greatest amount of exposure possible. On top of that, more than half of my business purchasers are from outside of Arizona, and many are from outside the US. I pledge to you to be honest with you in all of our dealings, and to market your business extensively and discreetly. I also pledge to negotiate your Chandler business for the best possible price, and to competently see to all of the details.

Phil Reese CBI-Arizona Business Broker

Choosing the Right Time to Sell Your Business

Business owners sell their businesses for all kinds of reasons. It can be because of family, financial reasons, or because a better opportunity has come up. The best time to sell your Chandler company is when your profits and revenue have climbed. Most business owners try to sell when profits have dropped and they want out; unfortunately, by then it’s usually too late. There’s also a few things which can impede your sale, such as: Trying to sell by yourself, keeping poor records, getting emotional about the sale, and pricing too high or too low. Hiring a certified business broker, like me, will increase your business’s exposure, and also make it easier to sell your company.

Which Chandler Broker is Right For Me?

Phil Reese, designated CBI, can get you the best results on your business sale. He knows the Chandler business market, and can give your business the right amount of exposure that it needs.

Sell Your Chandler Business With a Business Broker

Experienced broker Phil Reese can help you sell your Chandler business with ease, and can get you the best possible price for your retail business with discreet, but extensive, market exposure.

Expert Chandler Business Broker Advice

Business broker Phil Reese has just the expert broker sale advice you need. Phil Reese has sold over 50 businesses, and continues to do help business sales with over 10 years of professional experience.

Why Sell a Chandler Business?

If you feel you have a better opportunity, or you have personal reasons, you may want to sell your company. Selling your service business has never been easier, thanks to expert broker Phil Reese.

Chandler Business Broker Valuation Services

Don’t try to sell alone; get help with valuating your company from a certified business broker. Phil Reese is an expert in business valuation, and can assure you the best possible price for your business.

Help With Selling Your Local Chandler Business

Local businesses are known for being appeciated by the community that they’re in, but can be tough to sell. Luckily, help with selling in your local Chandler area is available, from CBI Phil Reese.


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