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Thinking about selling your business in Phoenix? When an entrepreneur starts a business in Arizona, that person is doing the work of many employees. There are many trials and errors that an entrepreneur goes through when starting and selling a business. Each kind of business has their unique way of starting, and when it reaches a steady profit, a business owner feels excited and proud of the achievement. Why would a business owner want to sell their company that took so much effort to build? There are many reasons why, including: family priorities, financial reasons, or a new, more exciting opportunity has presented itself. The reason you want to sell your business may be different. However, there are certain criteria that need to be met, and you will need a local and trustworthy business broker to guide you through the journey.

Phil Reese, Arizona Business Broker, is the agent for you. He has represented business owners around the valley in selling their business. Phil Reese was an entrepreneur himself and he built a business from the ground up and, in 2001, sold it through a local business broker. That is when he was introduced to the Business Broker industry and became one of the top sales agents in the company. Phil Reese holds the Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation. He can evaluate your business and market your company to potential buyers efficiently because he knows what buyers are looking for. If you would like to discuss the selling process and would like to see if you qualify for a FREE No-Obligation Valuation of your Phoenix business, contact him at 480-707-7721 or [email protected].

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    Sell your Phoenix Business

    When looking to sell a company you have built from the ground up, there are many questions that may arise. Will I be able to get the best value possible for my company? How will the value of my business be determined? What type of payment arrangements are standard and should be expected? Should I sell the stock of my company or just the assets? Do I need to train the new owner and stay on as a consultant for a period of time? What restrictions are there if I want to open another business in Phoenix?


    It is critical that you have a competent and experienced Phoenix Business Broker in your corner to make sure all of your questions are adequately answered and to make sure you get the maximum amount of money for your business. I have represented many PHX business owners in the process of transferring ownership of their businesses. I am a Certified Business Intermediary and an expert in providing this service to my Arizona clients.

    Whether you have an established business in downtown Phoenix that you are considering putting up for sale, or a newer business in north Phoenix that needs a new owner to take it to the next level, I serve the entire Phoenix metropolitan area and I look forward to discussing how I might be able to assist you in selling your Phoenix business.

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    Buying a Business in Phoenix

    Each buyer in Phoenix has their own agenda and needs. When a business buyer calls Phil Reese, he will ask them lots of questions and is very alert to the kinds of questions the buyer is asking. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad buyers, mostly competitors who want to know about their competition. For business sellers in Phoenix, Phil keeps all of his listings confidential. Phil takes care of his clients while looking for the most qualified buyer. Each buyer fills out a Questionnaire Profile form, which helps Phil narrow the qualified from the unqualified buyers.

    Most potential buyers do not realize what it takes to buy and operate a business. Walking into a bank and asking for a SBA loan is not easy. There are qualifications that a buyer needs and not to mention what the business owner is looking for as well. Again, there are many reasons why a business owner would want to sell their company. Building a business and having to let it go is a difficult task. In order to have a successful business transaction between a business seller and a buyer in Phoenix, you need a trusted expert business broker to assist. A local business broker can help you find the right kind of business that will fit your needs and guide you through the process.

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    Phil Reese, Agent for Buying & Selling a Phoenix Business

    Phoenix business owners need to sell for a variety of reasons. Sometimes owners have very profitable and valuable businesses that generate substantial revenue, but due to medical or personal reasons are no longer able to manage their operations. Other times companies generate revenue but are not structured efficiently enough to be viable or their small business is being squeezed by a larger competitor that is able to offer their product or service at a lower cost due to economies of scale. In these instances, being able to get a fair price for your business is absolutely vital, and often time is a factor.

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    Proper Valuation of Your Business and How It Is Conducted. - Properly valuation of your business is key to selling it for a fair price. Make sure the methods being used to do your valuation are industry standard best practice, and take into account all your physical and non-physical assets. Having a business broker who can do a thorough valuation ensures that you will not get surprised down the road in the sale, and that you will be able to rely on the figures that you receive. Phil Reese has helped dozens of businesses in placing a value on their operations, and he can help you with having your business's value determined. Continue reading
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    Phil Reese can help you not only establish a fair valuation for your company, but is also able to find buyers who can appreciate the work that has gone into making your business successful and are willing to purchase it for a fair price. Many business brokers in Phoenix are only concerned with selling your business as fast as possible so they can generate a commission, which is unfair to you. Often they will use tactics such as undervaluing your business so as to put a lower price on it to make it more attractive to buyers. As a result, you are leaving lots of your hard earned money on the table.

    Business Valuation by Phil Reese

    Should I Sell My Phoenix Business | Phil Reese

    If you have a company in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, Phil can help you make sure you understand the valuation process and can help you set a fair and realistic price for your business. It is important to use a business broker with whom you can communicate well with, who educates you on the ins and outs of selling your business, and who can effectively market your company to buyers so that it does sell for top dollar.


    Buying or Selling a Manufacture Company

    With Phil Reese as your local business broker in Phoenix, he can help you sell your manufacturing company, and seek out the best potential buyer.

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    Sell Your Retail Business

    Is your retail business for sale? Phil Reese is an expert business agent who can help you sell your business successfully.
    Distubution Business

    Sell Your Arizona Distribution Company

    With a trustworthy, reliable, and expert local business broker represent your Arizona distribution company to potential buyers.

    Business Agent

    Selling Service Business

    Landscapers, contractors, accountants and many other service-based businesses can be tougher to valuate. The worth of the company is based on many different factors; be sure to speak with Phil to find out more.

    Business valuation in Phoenix

    Get a Business Valuation

    Phil Reese, Arizona Business Broker, knows what buyers are looking for in each industry. Get your business valuated by the best so you know how much your business it worth.

    Sell your Local Business

    Selling Your Local Business

    Phil Reese has over fifteen years selling businesses in the area so you know that you can trust him to represent your business to potential buyers buyers.

    PHX Business Broker Near Me

    Phil is also one of the most popular choices when looking for a business broker in Phoenix, Arizona. Due to his extensive experience, abundant testimonial letters, and education as a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), he is frequently sought after in the industry. You need to hire a business broker who values his industry and his reputation, one that will keep their word and not make promises they know they cannot keep. It does not matter if your business is located in downtown Phoenix, North Phoenix, in the Willow, Roosevelt, Garfield, or Colorado Districts, Phil Reese is the business agent that can help you buy/sell your business. Contact Phil today to schedule an appointment to discuss options for you and your business in Phoenix, Arizona.

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