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The Legal Considerations of Buy-Sell Agreements A buy-sell agreement, also known as a buyout agreement, is a legal contract between multiple owners of a business. Buy-sell agreement can apply to various business forms, including partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. In a buy-sell agreement, business owners agree on the conditions—and sometimes the requirement—that one or more other owner’s share in the business can be purchased. Buy-sell agreements can be useful to avoid deadlock between co-ownersRead More
To Sell or Not to Sell Your Scottsdale AZ Business, How to Decide
To Sell or Not to Sell, How to Decide You’ve made many decisions over the years about where your business is going and now may be the time to mull over a “final” decision. Should you let someone else take over the reins and sell your business? See if any of the following reasons apply to you: You’ve taken your company as far as you can without having to make major improvements and/or a largeRead More
How To Choose A Tempe Business Broker
How To Choose A Tempe Business Broker Choosing the right Tempe Business Broker to sell your business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. If you choose right, you will most likely end up selling your business and for the most money possible. If you choose wrong, you may not sell your business or may leave money on the table. Below is a list of questions you should ask when interviewingRead More
Selling a Phoenix Area Business is Tough
What Goes Into Selling A Business In Phoenix Selling a Phoenix business is much harder than it looks. It would be great, if you could just wake up one day and decide, “Today I am going to sell my business!” And then, you sell your business. Reality is far from it. Selling a business, in Phoenix or elsewhere, is an involved and complicated process. Selling a Phoenix Area Business is Tough Selling a business, isRead More
Why You Should Use a Scottsdale Business Broker and Not Try to Sell Your Company By Yourself.
Why You Should Use a Scottsdale Business Broker and Not Try to Sell Your Company By Yourself. Why You Should Use a Scottsdale Business Broker and Not Try to Sell Your Company By Yourself. Here are a few reasons why hiring a business broker can truly pay off. Scottsdale, Arizona   Any business owner who has tried to sell a business on their own will tell you it’s a long, tedious and very stressful process.Read More
Have You Ever Considered Selling Your Arizona Business?
Have You Ever Considered Selling Your Arizona Business? Have You Ever Considered Selling Your Arizona Business? If you have ever thought about selling your Arizona business, now is one of the best times ever because of the following reasons. Scottsdale, Arizona If you own a business in Arizona, you either already have or sooner or later will be thinking about selling your business. Running a business is very involved, challenging and time-consuming, but it canRead More
Properly valuation of your business is key to selling it for a fair price. Make sure the methods being used to do your valuation are industry standard best practice, and take into account all your physical and non-physical assets. Having a business broker who can do a thorough valuation ensures that you will not get surprised down the road in the sale, and that you will be able to rely on the figures that you receive. Phil Reese has helped dozens of businesses in placing a value on their operations, and he can help you with having your business's value determined. Continue reading Read More
Quarterly Survey Shows that Phoenix Business Transactions are Up
Quarterly Survey Shows that Business Transactions are Up Thanks to Low Interest Rates and Increased Marketplace Confidence The Main Street Market Remains a Buyer’s Market, but the Trend is Shifting, and the Lower Middle Market Will Soon Offer More Opportunities for Buyers PHOENIX, June 21, 2015 — Business transactions were up across the board in the first quarter of 2015, according to the Market Pulse Survey from the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), the M&ARead More
Determining value for a business does not often take into account such things as the personal investment and time of the business owners in building the business. Working with a business broker to understand where your business's saleable value lies, and how to grow that aspect of the company is important. At the end of the day, when selling a business or any asset, the value is determined based on the value of the item to the buyer, and understanding this and how to use it to your advantage can lead to a better valuation and successful sale for your business. Continue reading Read More
This is one of the most common questions I get asked by potential sellers. Most sellers are very concerned about confidentiality. In most cases, the seller does not want their employees and vendors knowing their company is for sale because it can be very destructive to the business. Continue reading Read More
How Do I Find a Buyer For My Business in Scottsdale?
That’s easy. Hire an experienced Business Broker to market your business and don’t try to do it yourself. Here are some of the things I do to market my listings and attract potential buyers! Continue reading Read More
How Are PHX Business Acquisitions Financed?
When buying or selling a business in Phoenix, it is important to know upfront how deals get financed so there are no surprises or false expectations. Continue reading Read More
Let Phil Reese, help sell your Arizona business!
I hear this alot from many Arizona business owners. My response to them is, some day you will no longer be involved with your business whether you like it or not. The bottom line is not IF you will leave your business, but When. It is never too early to consider and plan your future exit from your business. Continue reading Read More
Speak to Arizona Business Broker Phil Reese to discuss selling your company
That was the response of a particular business owner.  Unfortunately for him, he was wrong.  It ended up costing him a lot of money.  How? He found a buyer he thought was perfect and decided to carry a note for half of the selling price.  He did this because most business sales transactions are done in this manner. Continue reading Read More
Make 2015 Profitable by Selling Your Company with Arizona Business Broker Phil Reese
If you are a business owner, how can you make 2015 one of the most profitable years of your life? Answer – Call Business Broker Phil Reese and sell your business. You get lots of cash, extra free time, and less stress. Continue reading Read More