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If you are considering selling your business in Gilbert, consult with a trusted Gilbert business broker to help handle the process. Entrepreneurs are some of the hardest workers in Arizona, and because they are doing the jobs of what would usually be the work for an entire staff, it takes excessive amounts of hard work and dedication. Once your business reaches a steady profit, it can be difficult to fathom why you would want to sell it, but entrepreneurs have their own reasons. However, when you decide to sell your business, there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to achieve this goal. With help from a Certified Business Intermediary to guide you through the process, you can do it.

Phil Reese is a Gilbert business broker who has expertly represented business owners throughout the Valley and helped them sell their businesses. As an entrepreneur himself, Phil built his business from the ground up and sold it through a business broker. After being introduced to the business broker industry, he became one of the top sales agents in the company and continues to be one of the top agents in the state. Phil also holds the Certified Business Intermediary designation. As a top rated business broker, Phil can evaluate your business and market it to potential buyers with the utmost efficiency.


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    “We feel so lucky that we were able to find Phil. We hired him as our broker to sell
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    “We had an excellent experience working with Phil Reese. I would recommend Phil for
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    What is a Certified Business Intermediary?

    A Certified Business Intermediary is a prestigious designation that is given to the most dedicated and qualified business brokers in the industry. Through this designation, the Certified Business Intermediary has proven their skill, professionalism, and knowledge through continuing education and exemplary practices within the business broker industry. Phil Reese holds this designation and has been providing the highest quality and most efficient business brokering services for clients throughout the Valley since 2001.

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    When To Sell Your Gilbert Business

    There are many considerations to take when you are looking to sell the business you have built from nothing. You want to be able to get the best possible price for it, and to do that, you need an honest, hardworking professional business broker to evaluate it. Phil Reese, Certified Business Intermediary, can help you place a value on your business and deal with every other aspect of selling your business in Gilbert.

    Having an experienced competent business broker on your side is the only way to make sure every detail of selling your business is taken care of. Phil will make sure each and every one of your questions or concerns are answered and can make the process of transferring ownership of your business as smooth and painless as possible. As a trusted Gilbert business broker, Phil has represented many business owners in this process and has the experience needed to get the job done right.

    Phil Reese CBI-Arizona Business Broker

    Determining How Much Your Gilbert Business Is Worth

    Phil Reese can provide a business valuation to help determine the worth of your business. He can help you understand the valuation process and can come up with a realistic price for your business when you are looking to sell. Utilizing the strengths of a trusted Gilbert business broker is the best way to get the right price, and Phil will communicate with you on a consistent basis, as well as educate you on the entire process. Through a strategic marketing process, he can find the right buyers for you and sell your business for top dollar!

    Through a meticulous evaluation process, Phil takes into account various factors such as financial performance, market trends, and industry benchmarks to provide you with a comprehensive and precise valuation. Leveraging years of experience and in-depth market knowledge, Phil Reese employs sophisticated valuation methodologies tailored to your specific business sector.

    With a commitment to transparency, Phil Reese ensures that you understand the factors influencing your business’s value and guides you through the valuation process with clarity and insight. Trust Phil Reese to deliver a reliable and trustworthy assessment, empowering you to make informed decisions about the future of your business. Whether you are considering selling, acquiring, or strategic planning, Phil’s valuation services are your key to unlocking the true potential of your business in the market.

    Why We’re Gilbert’s Preferred Business Broker

    Local Buy And Sell Business Broker In Gilbert, AZ

    Local Sell & Buy Business Broker In Gilbert

    With a wealth of experience in facilitating successful business transactions, Phil Reese brings a nuanced understanding of Gilbert’s market dynamics. His Certified Business Intermediary designation underscores his commitment to professionalism and industry excellence. By choosing Phil, clients gain access to a broker who not only possesses experience but is also dedicated to ensuring a quality buying and selling processes.

    Assessing the Value of Your Gilbert-Based Business

    Valuation Of Your Gilbert Business

    Let Phil Reese provide a thorough and accurate valuation for your business. His commitment to professionalism and industry excellence ensures that you receive a reliable assessment of your business’s worth. With Phil’s valuation services, you gain valuable insights that can guide your decisions, whether you’re considering selling, planning for the future, or exploring strategic opportunities. Trust Phil Reese to deliver a comprehensive and expert valuation for your business.

    Buyer Assistance In Gilbert By Phil Reese, Broker

    Buyer Representation

    Phil Reese extends his expertise beyond business valuation by offering expert buyer representation services. His local insights and industry knowledge allow him to identify suitable business opportunities that align with the buyer’s goals and preferences. Phil Reese is committed to ensuring a smooth and advantageous buying process, providing comprehensive support from identifying potential businesses to negotiating favorable terms.

    FAQs About Our Gilbert Business Broker

    Q:What Documents Do You Need to Sell Your Business?

    A:When selling your business, several essential documents are crucial to provide a comprehensive overview for potential buyers. Start with your financial documents, including profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and tax returns, to showcase the financial health of your business. Offer detailed information on your business operations through documents such as contracts, leases, and vendor agreements. A thorough list of assets, including equipment, inventory, and intellectual property, provides a clear picture of what the buyer will acquire. Additionally, include organizational documents, such as articles of incorporation and business licenses, to establish the legal standing of your business. Providing these documents ensures transparency and instills confidence in potential buyers during the business sale process.

    Q:How Long Does A Business Sale Usually Take?

    A:The duration of a business sale can vary between a few months to a year or longer. With the assistance of our Gilbert broker, the timeline for a business sale can often be more structured and efficient. On average, the involvement of Phil Reese can shorten the process to around 6 to 12 months. Phil streamlines the sale by leveraging his industry knowledge, marketing expertise, and network of potential buyers. The preparatory work done by him, such as business valuation, marketing strategies, and buyer vetting, contributes to a more organized and expedited sales process. While individual factors and market conditions play a role, partnering with our Gilbert broker often accelerates the business sale timeline and ensures a smoother transaction.

    Q:How Is A Business Value Determined?

    A:The determination of a business’s value involves a comprehensive analysis of various factors. Financial performance, including revenue, profits, and cash flow, is a key consideration in assessing value. Market conditions and industry trends are crucial, as they impact the perceived worth of the business within its sector. Tangible assets, such as equipment and inventory, as well as intangible assets like intellectual property, are factored into the valuation. Additionally, the business’s potential for future growth and its overall risk profile contribute to the final valuation figure. Business valuation is a complex process, contact Phil Reese today for expert help and have peace of mind that your company will be valued appropriately.

    Q:What Are The Steps To Put A Company For Sale?

    A:Putting a company for sale involves a strategic and well-organized process and it is recommended to contact Phil Reese to prepare, create a valuation, and market the sale. The steps begin with ensuring financial records, contracts, and other essential documents are in order. From there, Phil will conduct a thorough business valuation to determine a realistic asking price based on financial performance and market conditions. He will present your business through effective marketing materials, highlighting its strengths and growth potential. The final step is navigating the due diligence process with prospective buyers, providing them with the necessary information to make informed decisions about acquiring your company.

    Q:Do You Only Advertise Business Sales Locally?

    A:No, Phil Reese does not limit the advertising of business sales to local markets. He employs a global approach, reaching potential buyers from around the world to maximize visibility and opportunities for sellers. Nearly half of Phil Reese’s buyers have come from out-of-state or other countries so Phil strategically markets businesses to a broad audience. This approach ensures that businesses listed for sale receive exposure to a diverse range of potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of finding the right match. Phil’s commitment to a global reach enhances the chances of successful business transactions and allows sellers to tap into a broader pool of interested parties.

    Q:Which Taxes Will I Have To Pay In Order To Buy Or Sell A Business?

    A:Buying or selling a business involves several tax considerations. Sellers may be subject to capital gains tax on the profit from the sale, and the structure of the sale (asset or stock sale) can impact the tax implications. Buyers may face transfer taxes and may need to allocate the purchase price among different assets, impacting future depreciation deductions. Value-added taxes or goods and services taxes can apply in some jurisdictions. Phil Reese will help you understand and navigate the specific tax implications of your business transaction, as tax liabilities can vary based on factors such as location, business structure, and applicable tax laws.

    Q:How Much Time Will I Have To Put Into The Business Selling Process?

    A:When working with a business broker, the amount of time you personally have to put into the business selling process is significantly reduced. The broker takes on the majority of the legwork, including business valuation, marketing, and negotiations. Your involvement will typically focus on providing necessary information, participating in key decision-making, and being available for important discussions. This allows you to continue focusing on running your business while the broker handles the intricacies of the sale. Choose our reputable sales broker today to streamline the process, minimizing the time commitment required from the business owner.

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