Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is your commission?
A: That depends on the size of your business. The higher the listing price, the lower the commission. Our company offers two commission structures. The first option is you can choose to pay a straight success fee. This means, you only pay us a commission if your business is sold. The second option is you pay an upfront retainer fee and then a smaller success fee if your business is sold. After I conduct a valuation of your business, I can give you the exact amount for your business.

Q: How long does it take to sell a business?
A: On average it takes 6-8 months to sell a business. A lot depends on the price, location and type of business.

Q: How do you protect my identity?
A: All of my advertisements for listings are done on a blind basis, meaning your company’s name & address is never divulged. Before I release any detailed information about your company to any potential buyers, I make them sign a Confidentiality Agreement. At that time, I explain to them why it is imperative to keep all the information I give to them about your company secret. By the way, for local inquiries, I insist they come to my office and meet with me personally before I will release any information. It’s amazing how many so called “interested buyers” don’t show up. It’s my guess; they are just tire kickers or the competition trying to find out who is selling.

Q: Do you only advertise locally?
A: No. I will advertise your business all over the world. Half of my buyers are from out of state and some are even from other countries. People from other countries can acquire an E2 Visa by purchasing a business in the USA.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just hire a Realtor to sell my business?
A: Realtors sell houses not businesses. There is a big difference between selling a house and a business. It takes a different skill set to sell an Arizona business. I wouldn’t attempt to sell a house, even though I am a licensed real estate agent, because I don’t have that skill set. I focus on selling businesses only.

Q: What cities do you sell businesses in?
A: I sell businesses in the following cities:

Apache Junction
Cave Creek
El Mirage
Fountain Hills
Gold Canyon
Litchfield Park
Paradise Valley
Queen Creek
San Tan Valley
Sun City
Sun City West
Sun Lakes