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Why should you buy a business vs. starting your own?

Money Profit Finance

Why should you buy a business vs. starting your own? For the unemployed, those worried about job security or those ready for a complete career change, buying a business in AZ is just as feasible an option as a traditional job search or starting a business from scratch. One of the most serious career choices you can make is whether you will be on the clock for someone else or work for yourself. There are … Continue reading

Buying a business? Need MONEY? An SBA loan may be the way!

SBA Loan Opportunities

Buying a business? Need MONEY? An SBA loan may be the way! New SBA rule changes for 2018 equal new opportunities! When considering buying a business, many entrepreneurs will look for a loan. Standard commercial business loans can be costly and hard to qualify for, especially for small businesses. They are also risky to the lender! This can leave new business owners left out in the cold. To even the playing field, way back in … Continue reading

Proper Valuation of Your Business and How It Is Conducted.

Properly valuation of your business is key to selling it for a fair price. Make sure the methods being used to do your valuation are industry standard best practice, and take into account all your physical and non-physical assets. Having a business broker who can do a thorough valuation ensures that you will not get surprised down the road in the sale, and that you will be able to rely on the figures that you receive. Phil Reese has helped dozens of businesses in placing a value on their operations, and he can help you with having your business’s value determined. Continue reading

How Much Is All My Hard Work Worth?

Determining value for a business does not often take into account such things as the personal investment and time of the business owners in building the business. Working with a business broker to understand where your business’s saleable value lies, and how to grow that aspect of the company is important. At the end of the day, when selling a business or any asset, the value is determined based on the value of the item to the buyer, and understanding this and how to use it to your advantage can lead to a better valuation and successful sale for your business. Continue reading